Halal Certificate

Our products are certified halal by JAKIM, giving confidence to our Muslim friends to consume without worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all Nova products halal-certified?

    Nova’s manufacturing facility is certified by JAKIM, and our products are halal-certified and Muslim-friendly. Moreover, all Nova products are free from porcine and alcohol.

    The majority of our products are halal-certified and we strive to ensure that more of our products will be certified halal over time.

  2. Some products do not have a halal logo on their label. Why?

    There are two reasons behind why some product labels do not have a halal logo.

    Firstly, for newly launched products, there will be no halal logo printed on the product label as the products need to be marketed first before we can apply for a halal certificate. Thus, there will usually be a lag time before the new products will have a halal logo on their labels.

    Secondly, any changes made to the health supplement labels will need to be approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) prior to printing. Hence, the product’s label might not have a halal logo if the halal certificate has only been recently issued or renewed, as the latest label has not received approval yet.

    If you wish to view the halal certificates for our products, you can refer to our collection of halal certificates below or WhatsApp our Customer Care Team at 013-356 9832 to request for the halal certificate.

Halal Certificate

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