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Health Tips Img
06 Nov 2020


The delivery of oil-based ingredients such as Fish oil, Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E can pose a big challenge due to their poor water solubility. The oral absorption of an oil-based ingredient is dependent on its water solubility. Therefore, increasing the water solubility of oil-based ingredient is an important challenge to its formulation.

Actisof is a formulation that is specifically designed for oil-based ingredients to improve its absorption. Its advantage is it can be dosed as a pre-concentrate in a softgel and disperse to form emulsions upon the softgel opening in the stomach. This formulation maximises the performance and health effects, reduces wastage and allows these softgels to be taken anytime of the day.

The Actisof formulation is used in Natura E 400 iu, Nova Fish Oil 600mg, Nova Fish Oil 1200mg, EPO 1000mg, Black Cumin Oil, Nova Q10 100mg, Aqua Q10 50mg, Optimem, VisionGlo, Bee Propolis and Neurogel.