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06 Nov 2020

PhytoMatrix Formulation

The effectiveness of many plant extracts are dependent on the delivery of the effective level and stability of the active compounds. The delivery of plant extracts such as cucurmin, phyllanthus and boswellia into the body can pose a big challenge due to its poor absorption and stability due to oxidation and moisture attack. These may lead to poor efficacy of the product, and high wastages. Therefore, improving the absorption of the plant extract is an important challenge to its formulation.

Phytomatrix Technology is an oral delivery technology that involves the use of unique hydrophilic molecule to form a protective matrix to contain the active chemical of the standardised plant extract and thus effectively:
1. Enhancing stability against moisture attack and oxidation,
2. Optimising solubility, and
3. Improving bioavailability

Phytomatrix is used in Hepar-P, Proflex, Phyto 9, Diatec, Mulberry Plus, DeeBee, ActivMax range, Lifefit Gold, Juvita Plus, Rosbright, Roselle+Flavonoids+Vitamin C, Slimex and Soy Isoflavone.