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06 Nov 2020

Sustained-release Delivery

The delivery of water soluble ingredients such as Vitamin C and Glucosamine into the body can be a challenge. Water soluble ingredients are easily absorbed, however, they are also easily excreted out. These may lead to poor efficacy of the product, high wastages and the need of increasing the frequency of dosing.

Sustained-release Delivery is a formulation technology we developed specifically to improve the absorption of water soluble ingredients. It releases the water soluble ingredients over a prolonged period of time (8 hours) and releases constant level of active ingredients to allow optimal absorption. This system improves the absorption of the ingredients and reduces wastage. The Sustained-release Delivery also improves patient compliance due to the reduce frequency of dosing.

The Sustained-release Delivery is used in Nova C 500 SR, Roselle + Flavonoids + Vitamin C Long Acting Tablet and Zarthrimin SR 500 Caplet