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Bilberry + Vit C Mix

Double Action Healthy Aging Drink For All-day Protection

Nova Bilberry + Vit C Mix is specially formulated with 4 standardized and concentrated berry extracts, 50mg turmeric extract, and 500mg vitamin C that protect our body and skin against oxidation and inflammation. This 2-action combination helps to strengthen the blood vessels, fight against premature aging and chronic diseases, accelerate the skin repairing process, and regenerate healthier skin cells from within. Its once-daily dosing offers all-day body protection for healthy blood vessels and youthful skin. Double action 50mg Curcumin 500mg Vitamin C Low Glycemic Index (GI) One a day for convenient dosing No artificial sweeteners, flavouring, and colouring agents

5 Gram x 15 Sachets: RM115.00

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