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NovTic Concentrated Disinfectant For Fogging (1L)

Fast Action. Broad Spectrum. Gentle.

NovTic Concentrated Disinfectant For Fogging is a concentrated disinfectant solution that is suitable to use in any fogging machine or atomizer, producing disinfectant mist to kill all germs on every surfaces around the house and premise. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and yet effective in germs killing, which safely protects your loved one, making it the best choice as a fogging disinfectant. It is gentle on all materials and does not stain the clothes or paper, which is versatile in every environment. Alcohol-free Kills 99.9% of micro-organisms Safe to be used around children Non-flammable Non-corrosive Recommended by health authorities globally

1L x 4 Bottles: RM144.00

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