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SP8 Baby Oat + Seaweed Body Wash & Shampoo

The Ideal Body Wash and Shampoo For Your Child

SP8 Baby Body Wash & Shampoo was developed specifically for the needs of sensitive children’s skin. This extra mild body wash and shampoo is suitable for your child’s delicate skin and gentle enough for newborns. SP8 Baby Body Wash and Shampoo can be used in conjunction with children with dry skin, eczemas, skin infections, and other types of irritation, however, you should confirm this with your child’s paediatrician or your pharmacist beforehand. SP8 Baby Body Wash and Shampoo is the ideal body wash and shampoo for your child. It starts to protect and nourish the skin as soon as you start washing with them. It calms the irritated skin, support the healing process and help to protect and moisturise the delicate skin of the child. Ph 5.5 SLES Free Soap Free Silicone Free Natural Moisturisers

200 ml: RM34.90

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