Why Choose Us

Delivering effective, evidence-based health products backed by our 4 brand promises

Misinformation can cause us to choose unsuitable products

Information that is loosely associated with product quality, such as a product's country of origin or a lengthy list of allegedly healthy ingredients, can mislead us when selecting quality health products. However, the country of origin or a lengthy list of ingredients do not define product quality, as these attributes do not necessarily indicate that a product is effective and will work for us.

Being true to our beliefs in delivering good health and wellness to every family, Nova is committed to deliver safe, effective and evidence-based products to our customers with 4 brand promises upheld by our key innovations.

4 Brand Promises

Our Promises Of Effectiveness

Nova was born out of the founder’s desire for safe and effective health solutions. This commitment continues to become the life-long guiding principle for Nova in delivering good health and wellness to every family.

When searching for quality products, we should look for: Safe and effective products containing scientifically based functional doses of active ingredients in an readily absorbable formulation.

Our health and nutritional solutions are researched and manufactured in accordance with our internal safety and efficacy standards in order to provide safe and effective products for our customers. These standards are embodied by our 4 Brand Promises, which are our promises to our customers to provide safe and effective health and nutritional solutions.

Created By Research

Research and develop innovative health and nutritional solutions, based on the latest science and advances in nutrition and medicine.


Effective products containing active ingredients backed by four attributes:

- Science-based.
- Optimal absorption.
- Consistent and measurable.
- Functional dosage.


Product safety is assured by our rigorous 4-step quality control process comprising 196 standard operating procedures. These procedures extend from the selection of raw materials to the production and delivery of the final product to our customers.


Product and health advice based on evidence to achieve:

- Better health outcomes.
- Selection of the right health and nutritional solutions.
- Using health and nutritional solutions in the right way

Key Innovations

Unlocking the power of nature and nutrition to fight chronic diseases and improve health through cutting-edge formulation and evidence-based science

Our key innovations ensure high product efficacy which provides desirable health benefits and improves our customers’ health. To achieve this, our product formulation addresses 3 main aspects through our core formulation technologies:

- Maximised absorption
- Optimum nutrient utilisation
- Effective & consistent health outcomes


Water-soluble active ingredients such as ALA, Vitamin C and glucosamine have a short duration of action in the body which offers less protection.

Our sustained-release technology offers longer protection and better results by delivering and maintaining a steady concentration of water-soluble active ingredients in the body for up to 10 hours, thus prolonging the action of water-soluble active ingredients.


Oil-soluble active ingredients, such as vitamin E, fish oil, and EPO, are not readily absorbed by the body as they rely on bile acids for absorption. As bile acid production varies between individuals due to differences in diet and lifestyle, these ingredients undergo erratic absorption which can affect the product's efficacy and consistency.

With ACTISOF Technology, our formulation offers a consistent and effective delivery of oil-soluble active ingredients making these ingredients readily absorbable without needing to rely on bile acids.


Developing effective products containing plant-based active ingredients require overcoming two challenges – stabilising the active ingredient and optimising its absorption.

Our PhytoMatrix technology is a matrix formulation that enhances the delivery of plant-based active ingredients to the body by improving the stability and solubility of plant-based active ingredients for optimal absorption.

Standardized Extract

Plant actives vary depending on growing, harvesting, transport, and storage conditions. These inconsistencies make developing plant-based active ingredient formulations challenging.

Standardisation overcomes these inconsistencies to deliver a consistent and measurable dose of plant-based active ingredients to your body, ensuring reproducible results and better product efficacy.

Slow Carb Technology

Normal breads are high in fast-carbs, increasing our risk of diabetes and weight gain by elevating blood sugar to levels that are toxic to our body. This causes our body to store the excess sugar as fat.

Our Slow Carb technology is clinically proven to slow down sugar absorption, keeping blood sugar well-controlled with a unique low GI* carbohydrate formula. This unique formulation reduces the risk of diabetes, provides steady energy and fights fatigue, controls body weight and controls craving.

Nova Laboratories Sdn. Bhd.


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Nova is a health and nutrition company specialising in providing evidence-based health products to support a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition to improve people's health and prevent chronic diseases.