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Nova Product Authenticity Check

How Do I Check If I Have Purchased An Authentic Nova Product?

Avoid purchasing products with tampered labels.

There are FOUR (4) essential product information on our product label that can provide you the assurance that the product you are buying is genuine and made to our high-quality standards. The four (4) product information are:

(1) Serial Number
(2) Lot Number
(3) Manufacturing Date
(4) Expiry Date

This four-product information is important as it may affect our in-house quality traceability process. With this information, we are able to trace the product at every step of the manufacturing process to the retail that the product is purchased from. Through this, we can assure you the products that have purchased are genuine and made to our high-quality standards.

Please avoid purchasing our products if the label of the product has been tampered especially on the FOUR (4) essential product information.

Nova Product Authenticity Check